Roof Replacement in Pensacola FL

SF Roofing Pensacola offers high quality roof replacement services to customers in the Pensacola FL area. Our technicians have been installing roofs for years and are highly experienced with all types of roofing systems, including TPO, metal, EPDM rubber, and more. We offer free estimates on all our work before you sign any contract so that there are no surprises!

Whether your roof has been damaged by a storm, hail storm, or simply needs a routine replacement to keep it in good shape for years of use, we can design and install the perfect roofing system.

Our Roof Replacement Process

Our roof replacement process at SF Roofing Pensacola is pretty straight-forward and starts with a free estimate. We take measurements of your home to assess the current condition and design an appropriate roof system or upgrade that fits within your budget.

Once you sign off on our plan, we start installation right away! After measuring your house’s dimensions, we’ll install flashing around all window openings and vent pipes so they are protected from water intrusion during construction. Then our team will remove old shingles on top of the existing roof decking then lay down tarps for protection while new shingles are installed in their place. Finally, we clean up any debris left behind!

After completing this process, most customers report less noise inside their homes thanks to increased insulation levels – plus newer roofs have longer warranties than older models!

Why Choose us for Roof Replacement in Pensacola Florida

  • Our skills and expertise have been honed by years of experience in the roofing industry. When you choose us for your next Roof Replacement service project, we can help with shingle replacement and removal to installation of new insulation products.
  • We’re fully licensed and insured – just another reason why our customers rank us as their top choice!
  • We have excellent reviews on Google Reviews
  • Our staff is experienced, friendly, knowledgeable, and honest
  • We offer competitive pricing so that we are always a great value
  • Installation process includes protection from water intrusion during construction through tarps placed under the old shingles (then removed) before laying down new ones above them

At SF Roofing Pensacola, we know how to fix roofs. You need a roof that does not leak or have holes in it. We can help you with that and make sure it is done quickly. We are proud to be the best in our industry. You’ll find we’re more affordable than other contractors and we have superior customer service, too. SF Roofing Pensacola is your one stop destination for all roofing related requirements. Be it any kind of roof or damage, do reach out to us!