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Pensacola is one of the most visited cities in Florida. It’s known for its great weather and beautiful beaches, but it also has a lot to offer visitors who are looking for more than just sun and sand. Here are some neighborhoods and towns near Pensacola that you should visit if you’re interested in exploring the area!

Our Pensacola Florida Service Areas

Escambia County

There are many neighborhoods and towns near Pensacola that you should explore. One great place to start is Escambia County, which offers a variety of outdoor activities from biking on the beachside to exploring nature.

Escambia County is famous for its pristine beaches, which are perfect for your next vacation. Be sure to stop by the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk while you’re here for a variety of options including water sports rentals and fishing charters!

A great way to explore the area is on foot or bike with one of our trails that offer more than 40 miles worth of beautiful nature.

Tiger Point

Tiger Point is a community located in the Pensacola Florida area and an unincorporated census-designated place (CDP). It is situated along the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 16 miles west from Downtown Pensacola.

Gulf Breeze

Gulf Breeze is located in Santa Rosa county, Florida. It is a suburb of Pensacola, Florida. It is about 15 miles from Downtown Pensacola and it has a population of around 11,000.

Gulf Breeze’s namesake originates in its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico coastline which separates this community from the rest of Santa Rosa county.

Oriole Beach

Oriole Beach is a beautiful location with a white sand beach and natural seclusion, which is perfect for those who enjoy peace away from the crowds. The area has some of the most luxurious condominiums and golf courses in all of Northwest Florida.

Pace FL

Pace is located in northern Escambia County and is a charming little town full of history. Some notable places in Pace include the Masonic Lodge, which was built in 1887; the Pace Presbyterian Church, which dates back to 1899; and The National Cemetery, established during World War I.

Pace has many beautiful historic homes on nearby streets such as Rebecca Street, Nalle Street, and Front Avenue.

Gonzalez FL

Gonzalez FL is a neighborhood in Pensacola FL. The Gonzalez FL community is located on the North side of Pensacola Bay and borders with East Palafox Street for a section, which has become known as “Little Malta.” The first settlement in this area was made by a family named Gonzalez. The area was originally called “Gonzalez” and then the North Pensacola Bay extension of East Palafox Street became known as “Little Malta.”

East Hill

East Hill is located in Pensacola, Florida. It is a small community with only one stop light and one school. It is famous for the annual fireworks show.

East Hill has many large trees, giving it a scenic feel and making for excellent walking trails around the neighborhood.

For those interested in staying active there are activities available at East Hill Park such as tennis courts, basketball court, playgrounds and more!

East Pensacola Heights

East Pensacola Heights is a neighborhood of Pensacola, Florida. Geographically it is bounded by Pensacola Bay on the west and east, North 12th Ave to the north, East Tudor Road to the south and Interstate 110 on the southwest.

East Pensacola Heights began primarily as a residential neighborhood in 1922 when developers subdivided property that had been previously used for farming. The neighborhood became a suburb of Pensacola in the 1950s and 60s as developers began to buy up land for residential development.


Belmont-DeVilliers is another neighborhood of Pensacola FL and is located to the north of Belmont Heights. There are approximately 13,000 people living in this area.

Belmont-DeVilliers is named after two very prominent families from Pensacola history:

The De Villiers family were French Huguenots who fled religious persecution and settled by the Perdido River near what came to be known as DeVilliers Landing, in 1784.

The Belmont family were wealthy immigrants from New England who settled on the site of what is now Bayou Texar and established their own plantation thereon in 1824.

Together these families made this area an integral part of Pensacola history since its inception, with both parties taking equal ownership of the land.

Pensacola Historic District

Pensacola Historic District is one of the best neighborhoods in Pensacola, Florida. It is filled with historical buildings and landmarks that have been designated as protected by the city council because they are important to Pensacola’s history. The district has a lot of great architecture from different eras such as Victorian, Spanish Colonial Revival and Craftsman styles.

Milton FL

Milton FL is located in Santa Rosa County, Florida. The population was about 12,000 in 2006 and the town covers 14 square miles. Milton FL is located half way between Pensacola FL and Mobile AL.

Milton FL has a lot to offer culturally for people of all ages including live theater, museums and art galleries that are open year round.

Cantonment FL

Cantonment FL is a town in Escambia County bordering Pensacola, FL. The town is home to Naval Air Station Pensacola and the National Museum of Naval Aviation.

Cantonment features a diverse population with 78% Caucasian residents as well as African-Americans at 18%, 12% are Hispanic or Latino according to census data from 2016.

Ferry Pass FL

Ferry Pass is located in the northwest section of Escambia County. It is a residential community with an area of about two square miles and has approximately 900 full-time residents. Ferry Pass offers all types of housing from single family homes to townhomes, condominiums and waterfront properties on Pensacola Bay or Perdido Bay.

Bellview FL

Bellview is located within the Pensacola area, and is one of the largest neighborhoods in North Escambia County. The neighborhood primarily consists of subdivisions built on land that was once owned by Bellview Plantation, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places until its demolition in 1973.

Molino FL

Molino FL is a town in Escambia County, near Pensacola FL. It is a great place for people with children because of the proximity to schools and parks. The median home value in Molino FL is $65,000 which makes it a more affordable option than many other nearby neighborhoods.

Ensley FL

Ensley is a suburb of Pensacola, FL, with about 22k residents. It’s in Escambia County and offers an ‘everyman’ feel – most people that live there own their house. In the city there are lots of parks too. Located north of downtown Pensacola, Ensley is a suburban area known for its above-average public schools. Residents vary with moderate political views.

West Pensacola

West Pensacola is a suburb in Florida with an population of 21,056. It is located in Escambia County. West Pensacola is an area in Pensacola FL that boasts a suburban feel and most residents enjoy renting their homes. In West Pensacola there are many restaurants as well as parks, which may appeal to families. Residents of this neighborhood lean liberal on the spectrum meaning they’re accepting of various points of view.

Brent FL

Brent is a town in Florida with 22,337 people living there. It is in Escambia County. Brent has a suburban feel and most people rent their homes. In Brent there are many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The neighborhoods around Brent are characterized by a moderate political ideology.

Myrtle Grove FL

Myrtle Grove is located in the southernmost region of Escambia County, Florida. Its boundaries are the Pensacola Bay to the north and west, Okaloosa Island on the east, Blountstown in Walton County to the south-southeast.

Myrtle Grove is a beautiful community with many amenities for its residents as well as places of interest such as the Myrtle Grove Beach Park, the Pensacola State College Center and many shops, restaurants and festivals.

Goulding FL

Goulding is a suburb of Pensacola, Florida. It is located in the northeastern region of Escambia County and is part of the Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent Metropolitan Area.