About Ensley, FL.

About Ensley, FL.

Located in Escambia County, Ensley, Florida is a vibrant and historic community. The area is home to an array of attractions, from the white sand beaches of Pensacola Bay to nature parks for fishing and hiking. Besides its stunning scenery, Ensley boasts an abundance of culture and history, with many historical sites and museums to explore. Notable landmarks include the Old River Bridge, Howard-Ensley House, and Atwood Township Historic District. With its charming downtown restaurants and shops, Ensley provides plenty of fun activities for visitors and residents alike!

Living in Ensley, FL.

Ensley, Florida is a great place to live! Not only does the area offer stunning scenery, but it also has lots of exciting activities for the whole family. From weekly Farmer’s Markets to unique shops and restaurants, Ensley offers plenty of entertainment with something for everyone. Residents can take advantage of nature parks and beaches to fish, hike, or relax. The town is also home to a rich cultural and historical background with multiple museums and sites. With its beautiful landscape and diverse offerings, Ensley is an ideal place to call home!

Things to do in Ensley, FL.

Ensley, Florida offers a variety of activities for visitors and residents alike! From fishing and hiking in nature parks to shopping and dining in its charming downtown, there is something for everyone. Nature buffs can explore the nearby white sand beaches of Pensacola Bay or take in the majestic view from Old River Bridge. History enthusiasts can discover the area’s rich cultural background at sites like the Howard-Ensley House and Atwood Township Historic District. With such an exciting range of things to do, Ensley is sure to keep anyone entertained!

More information about Ensley, FL.

Latitude: 30.5188° N

Longitude: -87.2728° W

Zip Code: 32533

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