Things You Should Never Do With Your Roof

The roof is one of the most important aspects of a house. It protects your home from extreme weather conditions, and it also provides you with an outdoor living space for entertaining or relaxing. But if you don’t take care of your roof correctly, some adverse things may happen to it. Here are twenty things you should never do with your roof:

1) Never put anything on top of the shingles without first consulting a professional.

The shingles are the protective outer layer of your roof, which provide protection from water damage and other extreme weather conditions. Putting extra weight on top can cause serious harm to the shingles and the underlying roof. It may also cause you to face a costly roof repair.

2) Never walk on a wet shingle surface, even for one step.

Walking on a wet shingle surface can cause the nails holding your roof together to loosen, which will lead to leaks in your roof and water damage inside of your home.

3) Never cut any part of the ridge vent.

The ridge vent is an essential component of your roof because it allows airflow to pass through, preventing moisture buildup. Cutting any part of it will cause irreversible damage and may lead to severe problems in the long run.

4) Never use any material other than asphaltic cement.

If you use a shingle applicator that uses a material other than the recommended asphaltic cement, you may get unexpected results, and this will lead to severe roof damage.

5) Never paint over old tar.

Paint over old tar will not hold up under the weather for long, and you may end up having to replace your entire roof sooner than intended.

6) Never leave standing water.

Any standing water on your roof will lead to the growth of moss and algae, which can cause severe damage to your shingle surface.

7) Never install solar panels.

Installing solar panels on the roof can cause a fire hazard, which will ruin your shingles and lead to costly repairs.

8 ) Never seal off ventilation.

Sealing off ventilation will not allow airflow on your roof, which will lead to moisture buildup and possible structural damage.

9) Never add insulation by yourself.

Adding insulation may lead to severe roof damage. You should always consult a professional to avoid any possible unwanted consequences.

10) Never Add a Satellite Dish.

Adding a satellite dish to your roof can lead to leaks because some dishes use special hardware that may not be compatible with your shingles.

11) Never allow children to slide down a roof.

It’s always best to keep children safe from preventable accidents. It is never okay for them to climb on roofs, and it can be very dangerous for them to slide down shingles as well.

12) Never fail to get your roof inspected by a professional.

Your house needs to be inspected every year by a professional to avoid any roof damage in the future.

13) Never fail to get your gutters cleaned.

Gutters should be cleaned regularly as well, and make sure you’re not clogging them and causing water backups; this can lead to mold or other issues that may cause serious damage to your home.

14) Never have any missing shingles on your roof.

It’s best if you can thoroughly inspect the outside of your house several times a year and make sure there aren’t any missing or damaged shingles; this can lead to leaks that accumulate over time and cause severe damage.

15) Never lay down tar paper before getting asphalt shingles.

Tar paper is something you use when the underlying surface of your roof isn’t ready for asphaltic cement; this material doesn’t make any difference in regards to your shingles; there’s no reason to add it.

16) Never have a power tool on the roof.

Power tools are not made to withstand winds and rain, so it’s never a good idea to use them while you’re dealing with your roof; this can cause severe damages due to water damage as well.

17) Never forget to get a permit.

Not getting a permit can cause serious legal problems down the road. It may not be possible for you to obtain repairs if any issues arise due to the lack of a permit; this is something your insurance company will be sure to find out.

18) Never fail to check for damage before signing off.

Before you sign off regarding a new roof, make sure there isn’t any damage that needs repair; this will cause delays, and it may be harder for your contractors to get the insurance company to approve their repairs.

19) Never use solar panels on your roof.

Solar panels are not made to withstand the elements; this can lead to leaks or even fires that may cause serious damage to your shingles, as well as other parts of your home.

20) Never fail to check your attic vents.

Your roof can accumulate moisture over time, which should be released through either an exhaust fan or an attic vent; failing to do this will cause a buildup of weight on your roof that can lead to serious damage in the future.


Remember that you can ask for help if you’re unsure of anything. Getting your roof inspected is easy to do; all you have to do is call SF Roofing Company, and we’ll be sending someone out to give you an estimate.
Everyone must know these things so they can stay safe while doing their jobs or at home. Thanks for reading this article!