Signs You Need Roof Replacement

The roof over your head is a key component of any home. It protects you from the elements, like rain and snow, while also providing insulation for your house.

But what happens when it’s time to replace that old roof? It may seem daunting at first, but there are plenty of signs that can make it easier to know when you should call in the pros. Below we explore some of those signs:

1. The Roof is Old or Worn Out

If you aren’t sure how old your roof is, look for clues like roof support beams and gutters. If those are worn out, too, it’s a pretty good sign that the rest of your roof has seen better days. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace the entire thing. If your roof can be repaired, it may come at a lower cost than replacing it entirely.

2. You Need to Replace Your Roof for Safety Reasons

Your roof protects you from rain and snow, but if you live in an area where hurricanes are common, severe weather can put more of a strain on your roof.

A damaged roof can be dangerous for the people inside a home, so it’s important to note when repairs are needed. If you want to protect your home and your family, it may be time to call in the experts for a new roof.

3. Damage is Causing Leaks or Water Intrusion

If your roof starts to leak when it rains, you have a problem that needs addressing. Most homes aren’t equipped to handle rainwater indoors, so it’s important to repair a leak as soon as it appears.

Even if there aren’t any leaks, a damaged roof could lead to mold and mildew in the home. Not only is that unhealthy for you and your family, but it can also do serious damage to your ceilings and walls.

4. Your Roof Needs Updating

If you have an older roof made of asphalt shingles or clay tile, you may notice that your roof looks increasingly dated. But it’s not just the aesthetic that can suffer when a home has an outdated roof.

Older roofs aren’t designed to insulate your house anymore correctly, so they don’t keep out heat or cold as well as new materials do.

5. Your roof Doesn’t Meet Fire Safety Standards

When you choose a new roof, it should meet the standards for fire safety in your state. When you have an outdated roof that doesn’t cut it anymore, you might find yourself without insurance protection if there were a serious fire in your home. A new roof can help to prevent this particular trouble down the line.

If you’re ready to get started on a new roof, we recommend hiring a contractor who is an expert in getting roofs replaced. When you want your replacement roof done right the first time, it can be more than worth it to pay for a professional installation.

6. Your Roof Has Become Weathered

Now that you know some of the signs that it’s time for a new roof, here are some ways to decide whether you should repair or replace your old one:

6.1. Repairing vs. Replacing Your Roof Based on Cost

When you are deciding whether to repair or replace your roof, the cost is a major factor. When it comes to repairing, you can look at the cost of materials and how much labor will be involved in the project, while replacement costs generally include materials and labor for removing the old shingles or tiles and installing new ones.

6.2. Repairing vs. Replacing Your Roof Based on Maintenance

If you choose to repair your roof, remember that it’s best if you can fix the existing structure. If new support timbers are needed, and old ones need to be replaced, it could cost more than a full replacement.

In addition, repairs may not last as long as a full replacement, so think about how much maintenance will be required to keep the roof in good shape.

7. It’s Time for an Update: New Roofing Materials

Now that you understand whether repair or replacement might be best, it’s time to look at what materials are out there for your new roof. Here are some options:

7.1. Asphalt Shingles

The most common type of roofing material in the U.S., asphalt shingles are easy to install and can be found in a wide range of colors and designs that will complement your home’s exterior. If you want to maintain an old-fashioned look for your house, this is a popular option that will do the trick.

Make sure you choose shingles from a reliable manufacturer to ensure quality and durability. You’ll also need to weigh how much maintenance your new roof will need against the cost of materials and labor involved in installing them.

7.2. Metal Tiles

Metal tiles are another popular option for homeowners who want to get a bit more out of their new roof. As with asphalt shingles, you can find metal tiles in many different colors and styles that will look great on your home’s exterior.

Metal tiles are very durable, but they tend to be pricier than other types of materials.

7.3. Clay Tiles

Clay tile roofing has been around for thousands of years, and it is sometimes the material of choice for older homes that want to keep with their traditional look. Just like asphalt shingles, clay tiles are fairly easy to install, but you’ll want to make sure they’re installed by someone who knows what they’re doing.

8. Replacing a Roof on a Historic Home

If you have an old home that is valued for its historical character, you may be looking at replacement materials that match the original look of the structure. It can be tough to find materials and contractors who are familiar with the unique character of these homes, but it is possible.


After reading the Signs that You Need a New Roof, you may have realized that it’s time for roof replacement. When making this decision, there are many factors to consider – the cost of materials and labor included in the installation, how much maintenance will be required overtime, etc. Our blog post has highlighted some of the commonly used roofing materials and why they might or might not work well with your home’s exterior design.