Roofers on the job

Pensacola, Florida, is one of the best places to call home. The weather is beautiful, and it’s an excellent place for families and businesses alike. It’s essential to take care of your house or business with good maintenance so that you can protect your investment and have it last for years to come. One way to do this is by choosing the right roofing material for your property in Pensacola, FL.

Different types of roofs have various benefits. For example, metal roofing can be energy efficient, while slate and clay tile roofs are more durable. The best type of roof for your home will depend on many factors, including the climate in which you live, your desired level of maintenance, and the style that would look best with your house.

In this blog post, we’ll explore a few popular options when it comes to choosing the perfect roof for your Pensacola home or business: Cedar shake shingle roofs, Slate-Tile roof, Metal roofing materials like aluminum or copper (the most common), Asphalt shingles (the most popular), Flat roofing systems like TPO membranes or PVC sheets. These styles are among some of the most popular choices in our area because they all offer their own unique benefits. Read on to learn more about each one!

Cedar Shake Shingle Roofing Materials

Cedar shake shingle roofs are beautiful, and they come in a range of colors. They have a very natural look which can be great for those looking to create a more modern or classic feel. The best of these materials tend to be durable and long-lasting, but they may require extra maintenance like sealing. Cedar roofs are the best choice if you want a natural look with a bit of color variation. You’ll also find that they tend to last longer than other kinds of roofing shingle-style materials and can work well in areas of high wind or extreme weather. They’re great for all homes but will work incredibly well with houses with styles from log cabin to Tudor to Craftsman styles. This type of roofing material can be costlier than other options.

Slate Tile Roofing Materials

Slate tile roofing is one of the more durable roof types available because slate can easily last for many decades with minimal damage. It’s not quite as weather-resistant as other options, though, so it does take special care and consideration when used on properties that get winds or snow loads regularly.

Slate tile roofs also provide an excellent aesthetic appeal to their properties and can make a home truly stand out from the rest. The look of slate tile is also sure to blend in with almost any home style.

Slate Tile Roofs come in various shades and colors like brown, black, or grey. Slate roofs can either be smooth or have grooves cut into them for added detail. They’re offered in square tiles, which mimic the same appearance as clay tile, but there are many different styles available, including Spanish-style slates and English camber patterned slates, among others. Slate roofs can also work well with almost any architectural style, including Arts & Crafts houses, New England Colonial homes from the late 18th century, and bungalow-style homes.

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Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing is one of the most popular options in Pensacola, FL, for several reasons. Many metal roofs are highly durable and long-lasting, but they also tend to be energy efficient. They have benefits like fire resistance and soundproofing, making them even more attractive to many homeowners.

Metal roofing isn’t appropriate for everyone, though, because it does require special care such as professional inspections (every few years), cleaning, and maintenance. This can increase the cost of ownership over time, so it’s essential to consider that before you choose this type of roof material if you plan on living in your property for an extended amount of time. Metal roofs can be especially beneficial for people living in coastal areas or who live close to any industrial sites. They offer a great deal of protection against corrosion because the metal will naturally form an oxide-like layer when exposed to air and heat, protecting it from rust.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles re easy to find and install; they come in all kinds of colors and styles like dimensional (patterned) varieties, which give your home an attractive, individualized look. Asphalt shingles are also the most affordable option, and they’re easy to find in just about any store, which means you don’t need a professional to install them on your property. This makes them an excellent choice for new homeowners or those looking to save money when it comes time to replace their old roofs. They do have many disadvantages, though, including being less durable than other types of roofs, and these materials can be quite flammable during wildfires like the ones we’ve had here recently.

TPO Membrane Roof Systems

TPO membrane roofs are growing in popularity because they’re very durable even in high winds; they are low profile which means they don’t compromise the architectural design of your property. TPO’s can be an excellent choice for those who want a long-lasting roof on their home but don’t have the patience to wait for slate tiles or metal roofs to be installed.

Roofing isn’t something you do every year, so waiting around for years while other people argue over what kind of tile is best may not work well with your lifestyle. TPOs use air bubbles that expand and deflate during installation, making this process much shorter than materials like limestone tiles or clay tile, which need to “cure” before being ready for installation! One thing to consider, though, about TPOs is that they’re laminate. This means that there are many different layers and components that can increase maintenance costs over time.

This is a very important consideration because of the large amount of moisture these roofs are exposed to from all directions (especially when it rains). Most kinds of roofing materials will get leaks in them over time, but if you have a watertight seal on your roof, this should stay contained inside the building where professionals can take care of any damage as quickly as possible.

Wooden Roofing Materials

The earliest form of roofing material was made out of thin wooden planks! As the technology evolved, so did our roofing options, and now plywood isn’t much more than the sawdust from a tree with resin mixed in.

Plywood is an excellent option for those looking to keep the budget low while still getting a strong, durable roofing material that won’t be easily blown away by strong winds. You may also want to opt for plywood if you’re planning on building your own home or if you’re in an area with frequent hurricanes and tornadoes. Plywood can withstand water damage much better than asphalt shingle roofs, allowing it to last longer even when faced with heavy rainstorms! That being said, plywood does suffer from one major downfall: Ventilation. Since these materials tend to trap moisture inside walls rather than let it escape through the roof, this can lead to mold and mildew issues. This is a common roofing problem in wet, humid climates where the humidity level exceeds 60%.

The benefits of plywood roofs are many, though: They’re low profile like TPOs which means they won’t compromise the design or shape of your home. Plywood also doesn’t need to be replaced for up to 50 years, and since it’s so cheap, you could get the same kind of shingle (or better!) material for less money later on down the road.


When it comes down to choosing the perfect roof for your Pensacola home or business, there are a wide variety of materials and styles available. Roofing materials are a big decision for any homeowner or business owner, and it’s not an easy one. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right option for your home – from style to durability – but don’t worry! We’re here to help you make sense of what may seem like an overwhelming process. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to walk through all the options with you in person or on the phone so that together we can find out which roof is best suited for your Pensacola property.